Let’s work together to provide relief to the Montrose community amidst COVID-19 and its aftermath.

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As this global pandemic continues to unfold, we find ourselves experiencing various stages of grief: shock, denial, anger, and depression. The effects on our economy are unprecedented. So many lives have been turned upside down; jobs lost, businesses closed, families destitute, with no clear end in sight. The feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming, but it isn’t until we travel through these stages of grief that we are able to move toward hope.

The Montrose Committee was inspired by Hope4Help in Hilton Head South Carolina and their partners Watterson Family Foundation and the Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce  who along with a band of local leaders sought to create a stimulus program to help stabilize their local economy. With their example in mind the Montrose Colorado group decided to take action.

The Montrose Committee partnered with the Montrose Community FoundationOur Town Matters, a group of local and state wide non profits and a team of local leaders to create a stimulus program to help stabilize our local economy. The people of Montrose are known for their generosity and we know they will rise to the occasion but what makes this initiative different is its inclusivity. Like Hope4Help in Hilton Head we have taken a collective approach to afford everyone the opportunity to participate in the rejuvenation of our economy. We are all in this together and together we will rise.

Our Goal

The Help4Hope Fund is providing economic support for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Montrose by feeding families, supporting restaurants, and saving jobs. Our goal is to create an economic stimulus program that will stabilize our local food-service industry.


Our Mission


  • Help feed families affected by this crisis
  • Support local restaurants by generating new business
  • Save jobs in the food-service industry

How it works

Your investment will help develop the Help4Hope community fund – our goal is to create a stimulus fund for local restaurants.

With the help of local partners we will be distributing community investment cards.

These cards can be redeemed at participating restaurants for a family meal for four (a $50 value) thus stimulating the local economy.

The restaurants will redeem the cards to the Montrose Community Foundation for reimbursement from the community fund.

This economic stimulus program will empower the entire community to support our local restaurants, feed local families during this turbulent time, and ensure the long-term stability of our local food-service industry.

Several awesome organizations and business have given us a strong start (see our sponsors info for contributors). But they can’t do it alone. To keep this going, please click the link below to donate and help support our local restaurants while also providing meals to our fellow Montrose residents who are affected by this crisis.

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Our Team

Thank you to the Hilton Head team for sharing their template and sturcture with us, this has enabled us to stand up the Montrose effort quickly and has turned a dream into reality in lightening speed. We are also grateful to live in a community where generosity abounds. Thank you to each and every person who has worked selflessly to create a spark of hope amidst an impossibly dark situation. This initiative shows the true heart of Montrose.

Montrose County Committee

Tonya Martin – G2 Revolution
Sara Plumoff – Montrose Community Foundation
Tonya Maddox – Our Town Matters
Don Vincent – The Stone House
Jane Marie Amundson – Alpine Bank
Casey Corrigan Reichmann
Sarah Fishering
Bethany Maher – City of Montrose

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