FAQ for Restaurants



How do I become a participating restaurant?

To sign up call Tonya Martin 314-443-8672 or email help4hopemontrose@gmail.com. We will provide you with the information and paperwork you need to complete to participate in the program. After your application is reviewed  you will receive a “Welcome Packet/Tool Kit” and your location will be added to the list of participating restaurants on the website.


What kind of “meal pack” should I offer?

Please consider a nutritionally balanced meal for four people, valued at $50. For example: a spaghetti and meatball dinner with salad and garlic bread to serve four. You can create multiple “meal pack” options if you’d like but be sure to update your “meal pack” offering on your website or social media page.

*Alcoholic beverages are NOT to be included in meal packs.


How much will my restaurant be reimbursed?

Restaurants will be reimbursed $50 per Community Investment (C.I.) Card.


Are tips included with these cards?

The total value of each C.I. card is $50. It is up to each individual restaurant if they want to allocate a portion of that toward tips.


How does my restaurant get paid?

Detailed instructions for reimbursement are provided in the Restaurant Participant Tool Kit, but a brief explanation is below. 

  1. Each week your restaurant will complete a “card redemption form” to report the serial numbers of the cards received and provide verification that the cards have been destroyed (cut in half).
  2. Upon receipt of this form, the Montrose Community Foundation will reimburse you through direct deposit (ACH) to your bank account. Funds should be available within 3-5 business days of submitting forms.


What about Delivery?  

At this time, C.I. cards can NOT be used through 3rd party delivery services such as Food Dudes, etc or for online payments. If your restaurant provides their own delivery service, you may accept C.I. cards for delivery.


How is the Help4Hope program marketed?

Help4Hope will coordinate marketing and PR for the program and may ask willing participating restaurants to take part in these activities. This could include highlighting your restaurant on social media.


How can I help spread the word?

Post the virtual badge (we can provide you with a link to access ready to go graphics), to your website and social media accounts. We will also be providing social posts to make it easy to spread the word!


How should I prepare my staff?

Be sure to educate your team on the Help4Hope program, including the terms and conditions of the cards as well as how to process them as a form of payment in your system.


Do cards have an expiration date?

UPDATED: C.I. cards currently in circulation will be valid until October 15 2020. We strongly encourage all card holders to use their cards as soon as possible, one of the ultimate goals of this program is to get the donated funds to the restaurants as quickly as possible. Card eligibility is subject to the suspension or termination of the program. Restaurants can cease their participation at any time. 


Who are the Community Investment cards for?

Our goal is to provide hope for those affected by this pandemic. Our food service and hospitality industries are the backbone of our local economy and many hard working people have lost their jobs. If you know someone who needs a C.I. card please reach out to us via email help4hopemontrose@gmail.com. By using this card they will be helping our local economy, effectively driving business back into our restaurants. Help4Hope’s mission is to feed families, support restaurants and save jobs.


Where can people get cards?

C.I. cards are available through our distribution partners who are responsible for providing cards to households associated with their organization who are in need. If you know of someone who you think needs a card but doesn’t have access to one of our distribution partners please reach out to us via email so we can arrange getting that household a card help4hopemontrose@gmail.com. See our “Distribution” page for the most updated information.


Are cards available for purchase as well? 

No, not at this time.